a state of mind combining eccentricity with audacity

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A word that has gained considerable notoriety in a sizeable portion of the U.S. population; (Lyndell and myself); is the portmanteau known as "screwballitude". It's a combination of "screwball" and "attitude".

-- Rakkav

Since "screwball" refers to an eccentric person, I'd define "screwballitude" as a state of mind combining eccentricity with audacity -- Daffy Duck and (in Tumbleweeds) Limpid Lizard being prime examples of entities with this state of mind.;

-- Rakkav

Embrace your inner Screwball!


Star Trek fan films

Assorted fans create some incredibly professional films in the Star Trek universe.

College Trek 1979

A Star Trek fan-fiction play

These are photos taken during a student skit in the Ambassador Auditorium in 1979 (in the spring quarter, if memory serves). Rakkav played a parody of a certain famous Vulcan:" Mr. Smock".

Ambassador College, Pasadena, CA., USA

A Vulcan, you are not.

College Trek



Humble in Humble

Humble in Humble

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Deb Z. I'm Blonde. I'm Beautiful. I'm a Screwball!





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